Free Guitar Lessons

Want Free Guitar Lessons? 

I have a few sample video lessons in a variety of styles. 

If you have a request for a video lesson, please send me a message.

Brad Rau Intermediate Free Guitar Lessons                                                             
Guitar Lesson 1: This is an awesome and easy secret with harmonics.
Guitar Lesson 2: This finger-style lesson for getting a pure tone. Brad Rau
Guitar Lesson 3: This lesson talks about using weight to push the string down.
Guitar Lesson 4. This concept has deep implications for understanding the neck.
Guitar Lesson 5: An in depth look at memorizing sheet music.
Guitar Lesson 6: A few ways to add embellishments to your open chords.
Guitar Lesson 7: E minor Chord melodies all over the guitar!
Guitar Lesson 8: A nail file trick you have never seen before.
Guitar Lesson 9: Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Blues Style
Guitar Lesson 10: Classical Guitar Secret. Make free stroke sound like rest stroke.

Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lesson 1: How to make a G major Chord.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 2: How to make a D minor Chord
Beginner Guitar Lesson 3: How to make a C major Chord.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 4: How to make a A minor chord.
Beginner Guitar Lesson: How to make a A major Chord
Beginner Guitar Lesson 6: How to make an E minor Chord.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 7: How to make an E major Chord.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 8: How to make a D major Chord.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 9: Methods on how to get good at switching between chords.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 10: The fundamentals of strumming patterns.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 11: More developed (cooler sounding) Strumming Patterns.
Beginner Guitar Lesson 12: Even more on Strumming Patterns. I like to talk.

Free Guitar Lessons Brad Rau

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