Do you want to learn how to improve your own jazz lines while also accompanying yourself on guitar?

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Don’t you hate how most jazz chord melody approaches want you to memorize thousands of chords that can easily overwhelm your fingers and slow down your ideas?

Imagine being able to play jazz chords while also improvising your own melodies in your own style without all the years of work that goes into the tradition chord melody approaches.  Think of the time you will save.

The big news is this course will teach you a totally new approach to playing jazz chords and melody on your guitar by only learning a few moves.  This will take your playing to a totally new level and give a totally new way of thinking about chord melodies. 

I love Joe Pass and his finger style Jazz approach.  But as a classical guitarist I felt overwhelmed by all the thousands of chords required to play finger style jazz chord melodies.

I also noticed that most of the approaches were good for playing the many melody of a tune but was little help when it comes to wanting to improvise my own lines in my own style.  

This good news is I made my own approach.  In this totally one-of-a-kind method, you will learn how to improve melodies over chords in a jazz style.  This is my own unique approach I developed after many years if studying performing thinking and innovating. 

Get this: The information present here cannot be found anywhere except for in this course.  The information is broken up step by step in an easily follow method.  Each lesson is written out in sheet music and guitar tab.

This course is designed for intermediate player with a basic understand of jazz.  If you have a basic understand of maj7, min7 and 7th chords this course will show you how to turn these basic ideas into your own chord melodies. 

Exciting isn’t it?

If you are just getting into jazz guitar and wanting to break into chord melodies this is the perfect course for you.  This simple approach will open a variety of new doors.

If you are an advanced jazz player, then you are going to want to have this innovative approach in your bag of tricks.

Unlock the magic formula that will allow to easily play the lines you want over jazz chord progressions.  This approach will work over any tradition jazz standard. 

Even after a few lessons you will have to tools you need.

The real beauty of this system is once you learn these moves you will be able to make them or own and do them in your own way.  You will have complete control over what you are doing a way you never thought possible before.

You will learn to fit a variety of scales over a given chord. Major, Mixolydian, Octatonic, and Altered Scale. You will automatically know which scale to use over each chord.  Once you understand how the approach works you will be able to fit any scale you can imagine over a given chord.

You would have to spend $100’s taking private lessons with me for weeks or months to fully be able to learn this system inside and out.   But I am offering this course now for $19.99.  You cannot get a better deal.

Take your jazz playing to the next level by learning this totally new approach. 

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Jazz Course

Jazz Course

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