Brad Rau Classical Guitarist

Brad Rau Kidney Benefit Concert 2015

Brad Rau Performs Danza in E minor by Jorge Morel
Brad Rau Performs La Catedral 3 by Augustin Barrios Mangore
Brad Rau Performs a Villa Lobos Set.
Brad Rau Peforms Prelude in E by J. S. Bach

A Little Nite Music Series at Community Music School in Trappe PA.

Brad Rau Arpeggione Sonata 1 by Schubert feat Raymond Mallari
Brad Rau Performs the Bach Chaconne
Brad Rau Performs Black Decameron I. The Harp of the Warrior
Brad Rau Performs The Black Decameron II. Fleeing of the Lovers through the Valley of the Echoes
Brad Rau Performs The Black Decameron III. Ballad of the Maiden in Love
Brad Rau Performs Invocation and Dance By Joaquin Rodrigo
Brad Rau Performs Fuoco by Roland Dyens
Brad Rau Performs Prelude in E major by JS Bach

Brad Rau Performance at New England Conservatory of Music. 2014.

Brad Rau performs Villa Lobos Prelude 1
Brad Rau performs the Usher Valse by Nikki Koshkin

Brad Rau Promo Videos 2011

Brad Rau Peforms Invocation of Darkness.
Brad Rau Performs Skeptics Hideout
Brad Rau Performs Bach’s Prelude in E major
Brad Rau performs Tango en Skai by Roland Dyens
Brad Rau Performs Bohemian Rhapsody
Brad Rau Performs his own arrangement of the Mario Theme Song.


Bach Fugue during a practice session
Random Magic Trick
Random Blues Harmonica
Random video of me playing with one hand
Random Jimi Hendrix Blues
Random Song written by Corey Besack.
A random totally real, not fake version of Flight of the Bumblebee.
Random Villa Lobos Studies. Low sound quality.
Random Bach Suite Low Audio Quality.



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